Changes for 2013

Herban Farmacy is still growing! ¬†It is our one year anniversary! ¬†We are again offering our winter herbal shares. ¬†Certain blends that were such a success will again be offered in shares for this winter. ¬†If you didn’t happen to get in on a share for the winter, you can stay tuned for summer shares. ¬†AND we are not only offering a seasonal blend of tea to enjoy at Dobra Tea, we are also offering salves and tinctures there. ¬†A great way to enjoy our locally made and grown products. ¬†Thanks to Dobra Tea for all their support! ¬†Stay tuned for upcoming herbal classes. ¬†Jamie will be teaching herbal skin care classes in February and March! ¬†More details to come.

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